from apiary and herbarium

Bee-garden and apiary KUPA

KUPA is an apiary and bee-garden by Alma and Audrius Kasperavičius, located in TRAKAI district. The family has been continuing the tradition of candle, cosmetics, and delicacies making for a few generations in a row. Candles made by KUPA have been awarded a national heritage certicate. KUPA hosts educational programs on candle making, ethnographic events, celebrations and lectures. Combining local herbs with honey and other harvest by the bees, a wide range of products are born with widespread use - for the consumption, for the body care or home. The recipes and production methods inherited from the grandparents. The family continues and extends the tradition that has been cherished for generations

ŽINYČIA or knowledge-house an educational space in the apiary

It is an original, new, cosy educational space in an apiary KUPA. Located in the valley of LUKNA river and surrounded by pine forests, it is a true wildlife refuge. The apiary and bee-garden KUPA invites everyone to their educational workshops and events. The knowledge is passed down from one generation to another. We talk about the surrounding world,we delve into the survival experience of the Lithuanian nation, passed to us in the form of folklore and traditional Baltic crafts. Complementing this with knowledge of archaeology, biology, astronomy, and history, we explain how people have seen and still see the world around them.